Hail storms can cause severe damage to your vehicle in minutes.

Hail storms can cause severe damage to your vehicle in minutes.

This extreme weather produces ice that causes denting to the roof, the truck, and the hood of your care. Sometimes, these ice bullets can break through your windshield. Lee's Discount Auto Body is experienced with hail damage repairs, with little-to-no out of pocket cost to you if you file with insurance. Our highly-trained team of repair specialists will restore your car, making the hail storm a chilly memory.

Hail services include:
• Dent Removal
• Windshield Crack Repair
• Windshield Replacement
• New Paint

Please note: many people mistakenly WAIT to get a hail repair. Come in immediately to get a hail repair evaluation, which we will send to insurance for approval. Please note that in many cases the hail estimate will last for only a few weeks. Any subsequent damage (from hail or otherwise) may make it hard to process the claim.

Let us get the dents and damage fixed quickly. You'll be back on the road in no time! Don't wait - call us today.

How Do Hail Estimates Work?

1. Please bring in your insurance estimate with your damaged vehicle. If you need a car rental, Enterprise Rent-a-Car will pick you up and bring you back when your repairs are done.
2. Most hail is covered by insurance, and they write the original estimate. However, when necessary, we can write you one.
3. Most insurance estimates will require supplements to cover missed parts or labor. This will delay repairs until the insurance company approves everything. Usually, a day or two depending on the insurance carrier.
4. Though we are a small shop, we are very efficient. We will deal with the insurance company and restore your vehicle to its prior condition (or better) in record time.