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Is Full-Body Auto Repair Out of Your Price Range?

We’re the only auto body shop & collision repair center in Northglenn, CO that offers square-outs

Don’t let collision repair prices drive you to the poorhouse. Square-outs are a great option if you can’t afford a total collision repair, but still need to get back on the road.

What’s a square out? If you wreck your car and can’t afford the full fix, we’ll make it drivable today. For safe repairs that will get your car back in shape, call Lees Discount Auto Body today.

With a square-out, you can drive your wrecked car again in Northglenn, CO without having to replace all the parts

Auto parts can be extremely expensive. If you’re in an accident, a chain auto body shop might try to replace all of the parts with new ones when all they need is a little fixing to get them working again. That’s why we offer square outs: they’re practical for you, and for us. Square out services include:

• Pulling out dents
• Replacing lights
• Repairing damaged parts

If you’ve been in an accident, you may already be up to your neck in hospital and insurance bills. Let us remove some of the monetary strain with square out services.

If you’re in Northglenn, Broomfield, Westminster, or Thornton, CO, call us for an accident square out quote.